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Under Skin Timeless Mask


Cream mask moisturizer that treats the damaging effects of environmental exposure and chronological aging of mature skin.
  • Combination of hexapeptides and anti-oxidant synergy for ample reconstruction of structural proteins, cellular defense and cellular longevity.
  • Maintains the natural mechanisms of DNA protection, and stimulates the production of structural proteins for anchorage and sustainability of the skin avoiding wrinkles and deeper expression lines.
  • Anti-glycant action, ECM balance, immunostimulant activity and cellular detox effect
  • Main Dermatologists procedures:Laser, LED, microneedling, ultrasound, antioxidants masks, chemical and physical peels.
  • Severity levels: AGING: advanced signs (wrinkles, aging dark spots, laxity, loss of firmness, volume, facial structure); RADICAL DAMAGE: medium to high
  • Skin Concern / Rx Treatment / Pathology: Advanced aging signs (corrective), free radical damage.

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