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Under Skin Face Up Lift Serum


Smart target tightening to reduce the severity of dynamic wrinkles.

  • The exclusive peptides complex (U.SK SYNCTarget™) promotes relaxation of face expression, reducing the perception of dynamic wrinkles, as well as preventing new smile lines.
  • Source of bioenergy to boost senescent cells.
  • Maintains collagen and elastin structures with antioxidant action.
  • Main Dermatologists procedures:Laser, microneedling, ultrasound, chemical peels (retinol), moisture masks
  • Severity levels:AGING: advanced signs (wrinkles, laxity, loss of firmness, volume, facial structure)
  • Skin Concern / Rx Treatment / Pathology:Advanced aging signs (corrective), dynamic wrinkles, laxity, loss of structure.

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